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Individually Tailored HCG Weight Loss
Individual Tailored HCG Weight Loss

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Many people have been successful losing unwanted body weight.any people have been successful losing unwanted body weight with the Dr. Sierra Naturopathic Weight Loss System and at the same time have restored and improved their overall health.

»»Dr. Sierra's Naturopathic Weight Loss Food Plans»»

The Dr. Sierra Naturopathic Weight Loss System's wide spread success is based in part on the flexibility and diversity to meet the needs of every day people in all walks of life. Even those suffering from certain medical conditions can benefit tremendously from naturopathic weight management.

Dr. Sierra approaches her patient’s metabolic imbalances individually, which are key to successful weight management and good health.

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Dr. Sierra provides over 20 years of naturopathic medical knowledge and direct experience which is incorporated into proven, successful formulas for:

  • Rapid Weight Loss Diets with Long Term Diet Revision;
  • Gradual Weight Loss Diets with Long Term Diet Revision;
  • Cleansing Diet;
  • Elimination Diets for detection of food allergies and intolerance;
  • Other Specialized Diets based on specific individual need.
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Dr. Sierra's implementation of diet is individually geared for each patient, with a focus on long term health.

Dr. Sierra always advocates healthy, high-quality natural foods along with efficient and healthy food preparation styles. Dr. Sierra seldom uses ready-made foods that are mass produced, loaded with preservatives and additives along with being low quality and non-organic.

Dr. Sierra's Weight Loss System involves healthy eating and living in order permanently lose weight to live as long as possible!

Rapid Weight Loss Diets with Long Term Diet Revision

HCG is the acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.

HCG is a hormone naturally present during all phases of pregnancy.

HCG is produced in high levels during pregnancy.

HCG is produced by the developing embryo soon after conception which has a multitude of roles to play including mobilizing maternal stored fat for the healthy development of the fetus.

It is HCG’s ability to efficiently mobilize the energy of stored fat that makes it of great use in rapid weight loss.

Individually Tailored HCG Rapid Weight Loss

HCG frees up your body’s "fat-store" in order to burn more calories daily. During the 24-48 days that you are implementing this approach, with Dr. Sierra's guidance, you will experience significantly less hunger because your body gains efficiency at burning stored fat.

Increased fat usage is also the sign of a very healthy metabolism.

HCG is defined as a hormone that resets metabolism.

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Dr. Sierra's Basic Phase 1 Weight Loss Food Plan is simple and whole-foods based. There are 3 Phases in which you will gradually fine-tune your input of food.

By the time you finish Phase 1 you will have developed:

  • a new taste for healthy food / a new palate;
  • a different cooking style;
  • the knowledge to lower the fat and excess carbohydrate content of your meals.

Dr. Sierra's Basic Phase 1 Weight Loss Food Plan is the centerpiece for keeping healthy and trim for anyone predisposed to weight gain. The majority of those individuals simply produce less slim-making growth hormone, testosterone, DHEA and thyroid hormones as they age.

Dr. Sierra considers many variables with you when choosing the macro-nutrient balance (proportion of fat, carbohydrate, and protein), and quantity of daily calories.

Each person's food plan is individually chosen and modified based on that person's specific needs, their blood levels of certain hormones, their Apo E genotype and the results of their first round of HCG dieting along with other consideratons.

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Often times, bio-identical hormone replacement is initiated immediately following the HCG plan.

Many have wondered how men and women can equally benefit from the HCG Diet?

Men and women both produce a substance called luteinizing hormone that is almost identical to HCG.

In men it facilitates the testes’ production of testosterone as well as facilitating the same improved fat utilization.

In women, HCG stimulates the metabolism of the thyroid, adrenal and ovaries enhancing the function of all these organs.

In both men and women, HCG primes the body to utilize fat more efficiently for all required calorie demands.

The net effect of HCG is in mitochondria: the powerhouse of our cells.

Adapting to utilize more stored fat in proportion to stored carbohydrate, HCG optimizes our metabolism and helps shed extra weight stored as fat in the body.

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Gradual Weight Loss with Long Term Diet Revision

Gradual weight loss consists of working one-on-one with Dr. Sierra and her vast knowledge of weight loss as a naturopath of 20 years.

Dr. Sierra will assist with customized Food Plans based on exact individual needs.

Dr. Sierra provides the specific tools needed to maintain a healthy, desirable body weight, and, also to achieve and maximize your longevity of life!

The key is to surround yourself with healthy foods from your Food Plan, have at least a semi-active lifestyle, strong emotional well-being and set goals for wellness throughout a long life.

Dr. Sierra's Basic Phase 1 Weight Loss Food Plan is a starting point for anyone wanting to live a healthier life and live longer.

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Cleansing Diets, Elimination Diets and Specialized Diets

Any type of diet created for specific medical conditions by Dr. Sierra will help the patient reach their health goals quicker.

All Dr. Sierra Food Plans are created with current and long term affects in mind. Helping the patient first recover and then continue to excel after recovery and beyond is Dr. Sierra's goal!

Contact Dr. Sierra today for a customized Food Plan specifically designed for you.

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Basal Metabolic Rate - Individually Tailored HCG Weight Loss


Metabolism is defined as the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life. Our metabolism is determined by the minimal energy requirement for basic life functions such as maintaining our body's proper temperature along with building up and breaking down substances to support life.

Basal Metabolic Rate Reset

Our Basal Metabolic Rate is the minimum amount of calories we burn to sustain basic life functions. Basal Metabolic Rate varies for the individual from low to high. Variables such as body size, sex and age all play a factor in our Basal Metabolic Rate.

One of Dr. Sierra's strategies for weight loss and improved health is to increase your Basal Metabolic Rate with a variety of techniques such as:

  • improving muscles by activities designed to increase the body’s entire musculature;
  • improving glucose entry into cells with minerals and herbs along with planned types and timing of exercise;
  • improving insulin utilization through dietary manipulation (in some cases, a glucose insulin tolerance test is needed before hand to know the extent of insulin resistance);
  • using thyroid hormone in small amounts;
  • decreasing inflammation through dietary change;
  • improving oxygen use at night be addressing any apnea or other sleep issues;
  • improving sleep efficiency and address this objectively with a take home EEG apparatus;
  • improving adrenal output to optimize cortisol, either boosting the low cortisol person or using strategies to lower the cortisol in the stressed and sleep deprived person;
  • using HCG to support the anabolic (build up state) which in turn support growth hormone;
  • using growth hormone augmenting strategies;
  • teaching the body to burn fat by using specific 12-14 hour fasting sessions;
  • integrating specific, targeted exercise including high intensity bursts of output to increase Mitochondrial Biogenesis (Mitochondrial Biogenesis is the process by which cells increase their individual mitochondrial mass and copy number to increase production of ATP as a response to greater energy expenditure).

A good Basal Metabolic Rate is very beneficial. It means that you have a great deal of ability to generate ATP, the ultimate energy source in the body, from your cell's powerhouse the mitochondria. Consequently, you have abundant energy, great aging, super repair of cells and organelles.

A proper Basal Metabolic Rate results in a well-tuned hormonal system with strong output of hormones that affect skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle, testosterone, estrogen, DHEA and growth hormones.

If you have a good Basal Metabolic Rate, you may age chronologically, but biologically you will be much younger.

Our Basal Metabolic Rate declines in response to the biologic aging of all our systems, our organs, our cells and other.

Ultimately, we measure this by how many calories and what macro nutrient types (fat, protein or carb) are burned per day.

The more calories you burn while resting (in a rested state) the better. This applies to most everyone having skeletal to muscle proportion*.

The more energy you use during the day to think, go places and do things, the more calories you must burn.

Dr. Sierra speaks of metabolic rate in terms of basal (resting) because that is usually standard for most people and thus can be measured.

Most people rest quietly for 7 or 8 hours each night, yet there is a tremendous variety of energy levels individualy.

Some folks get out of bed slowly and ease into their day, while others are more like a race horse breaking out of the gate!

Some people sleep 10 hours a day or longer (too much) and some survive on 4 or 5 hours a day (too little).

Basal Metabolic Rate does vary slightly in response to our skeletal muscle, but also reflects all the things discussed above.

*Dr. Sierra is not referring to Basal Metabolic Rate of the highly over-muscled person. A higher Basal Metabolic Rate is usually better, but at the far end of the bell curve, in the super athlete or "weight-lifter" crowd, this does not apply.

Dr. Sierra will help to bring a natural balance and harmony into your life that will provide longevity and good health!

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