Dr. Sierra Breitbeil - Naturopathic Longevity Physician


Comprehensive Lab Testing

Payment Policy for Testing

If you have medical insurance which pays for naturopathic services, we will do our best utilize your insurance. However many people have very limited coverage for lab tests. In this latter case, full payment of these tests are expected at the time of service.

Dr. Sierra uses many different laboratories in order to acquire objective health data, including PAML, Labcorp, Genova Diagnostics, Diagnostechs, Meridian Valley Lab, Great Plains, Igenex, Spectracell, Neurosciences, etc.

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Adrenal Stress Index Test
Blood Hormone Levels for Men and Women
Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (Thyroid/Cholesterol/Blood Cell Assessment)
Comprehensive Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
Food Allergy Blood Test
Gastro-Intestinal Health Panel
Heavy Metal Assessment
Male Hormone Panel