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Osteoporosis Utilizing Natural Hormones and Nutrition

Osteoporosis - Utilizing Natural Hormones and Nutrition

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Degenerative disc disease (DDD) and osteoarthritis occurs in each of us for slightly different reasons.

As we reach life expectancies of 80 to 90 years in the United States, pain and immobility of degenerative musculoskeletal diseases are comprising the greatest category of our life's quality: mobility.

The most important causes Dr. Sierra will address with each patient are: 1:) longstanding nutritional deficiencies; 2:) trauma; 3:) challenged posture.

Dr. Sierra utilizes nutritional testing to determine exact deficiencies of minerals, antioxidants and protein fractions in order to create an individual supplementation plan for each patient for restoration of damaged connective tissues.



Dr. Sierra stresses sleep quality as being key. Sleep is when all repair and rejuvenation of joints occur because of low stress hormones, high growth hormones, anabolic hormones and horizontal posture; which all allow joints to decompress, replenish and hydrate. Dr. Sierra can show you the path to a successful night's sleep!

Possible targets requiring intervention:

In some cases, supplemental cannibidiols may be recommended.

Dr. Sierra may recommend a special anti-inflammatory diet and also propose food allergy testing to decrease inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory Drug Overuse

Anti-inflamatory Drug Overuse

Severe overuse of anti-inflammatory drugs creates a viscious cycle of pain, releif then failure, followed by the consequent and ongoing deterioration of all the body's joints.

Joints cannot heal as long as the prostaglandins of healthy inflammation are inhibited by the synthetic pain reliever.

Conventional anti-inflammatories disrupt pathways for healing as well as pain. As long as anti-inflammatory drugs are overly used, the patient will not improve.






Herbal Anti-inflamatory Support / Naltrexone

Dr. Sierra uses herbal antiinflammatory support and naltrexone because of the way it improves the body's production of internal natural pain relieving endorphins.


Dr. Sierra's Other Strategies

Other strategies Dr Sierra uses:

It is immeasurably helpful to support the production of human growth hormone and its downstream metabolite called Igf-1. The major difference between the young and the old is the presence of growth hormone in younger persons.

Dr. Sierra often uses neural therapy as a first line of physical targeted therapy. It is preferable to bring about healing through reflexive pathways. Neural therapy involves the injection of Novocain, a common local anesthetic, into various but very specific areas to improve the long-standing disturbances in the electrochemical function of tissues. At other times she may initiate stem cell injection therapy in conjunction with a colleague.

A specific preparation of EDTA may be recommeded and administered, which can help absorb microcalcifications in unwanted joint regions. This may be followed by specific nutrient replenishment. Often ozonation is a helpful after therapy in these instances as the combination of EDTA and ozone can unmask and kill microbes such as chronic mycoplasma, which are associated with chronic joint pain and inflammation.

Dr. Sierra utilizes far infrared therapies and may make specific recommendations for spinal and joint care product, to improve microcirculation in joints.

She may work cooperatively with movement therapists and structural body workers.

As a last resort, but in instances where the pain and immobility are life impairing, she acts as advocate and support for either corticosteroid or synvisc injections, or for planning her patient's surgical interventions and rehabilitation.