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Biodentical Hormone Replacement Anti-aging

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Bio-identical Hormone Replacement

The Use of Bio-identical Hormones

Hormone imbalances are common in both men and women as a normal aspect of aging (andropause and menopause), and after periods of emotional and physical stress.

Biological aging, poor nutrition, stress, new diagnoses of cancer or the like, lack of regular exercise and draining emotional situations can contribute to disruption in the hormonal system, resulting in imbalance and dysfunction.

Restoring hormones to an improved balance can make remarkable improvements in your health and vitality, weight loss, metabolism, and sexual function.

These natural hormones are not limited to, but include testosterone for andropause, balanced estrogens for menopause, thyroid for low metabolism, and cortisol for adrenal fatigue. Dr. Sierra measures all hormones at baseline and quite frequently throughout the process of re-balancing. When working with patient's physically distant from her home state of WA she will use Life Extensions Labs' male and female hormone panels.

Dr. Sierra has partnerships with Key Compounding Pharmacy and Women's International Pharmacy to compound her prescription hormones. These compound pharmacies ship all over the US.