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Brain Health Assessment and Plan

Brain Health Assessment and Plan

Dr. Sierra Breitbeil, ND, has refined and customized an efficient, cost-effective 3-step process to a address natural Brain Health Longevity:

Step 1: Initial Assessment

Dr. Sierra will meet with you privately in order to outline your unique history, concerns and needs in an initial appointment that usually last a couple hours or slightly longer. A comprehensive path to better brain health is then determined through a variety of methods depending on the situation:


Step 2: Testing and Other

Blood Testing: Depending upon the type of test(s) required, blood testing will be submitted to one or more of the following: Seattle (Labcorp); Chicago (Doctor’s Data); Cleveland (Cleveland Heart Lab); Houston (Spectracell Labs).

Having your blood tested by Dr. Sierra gives you an extensive base-line from which you benefit greatly from. Knowing what changes are going on chemically within your blood gives you an enormous advantage in all future brain health plans and / or treatment.

Further Tests: Imaging may be required such as xray, EKG, carotid ultrasound or other. Over-night oxygen or sleep studies might be recommended. If your bone health or posture is impacting your brain health in negative way, or perhaps mental health or aging adjustment issues are the cause, Dr. Sierra can provide you with local resources she recommends.

Other Blood Tests required could be one of these, or perhaps others not listed here:


Step 3: Results and Plan Individualized for Your Specific Needs

Your return appointment is scheduled 2 weeks after initial assessment to allow Dr. Sierra the time needed to create a detailed, customized plan for you.

During your return visit:


Dr. Sierra has personally designed this program based on her 20+ years of experience and knowledge as a Naturopathic Doctor.

Dr. Sierra has direct control over the Initial Assessment Appointment and then after 2 weeks, the Return Results and Plan Presentation Appointment for the total cost of $500. Each appointment last about 2 hours and includes one-on-one private, individualized service from the one of the region's most experienced and knowledgeable Naturopathic Doctors along with any blood draws required for testing (not the extra cost of the Blood Tests themselves, which are sent off to specialized labs).

What Dr. Sierra has no control over are any specific test(s) that might be involved for each unique, individual person and their specific needs. These "other test(s)" could be Blood Test(s), x-ray, ultrasound, EKG (or other imaging needs) that will be in addition to the initial $500 fee.

Dr. Sierra has some financing options available and will help the best she can.

Dr. Sierra has been providing naturopathic services for over 20 years, helping to restore brain health naturally. She is considered one the most knowledgeable sources locally for natural brain health longevity along with other naturopathic services.

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