Dr. Sierra Breitbeil - Naturopathic Longevity Physician

Dr. Sierra Breitbeil

Dr. Sierra in her garden.

About Dr. Sierra

I believe in the innate healing power of the body. Through education, healthful choices and cultivation of a positive inner disposition, we can enhance our healing abilities. My practice includes a combination of herbal, nutritional and conventional medical treatments in a comfortable, confidential and compassionate setting.

Dr. Sierra fosters a safe, trusting relationship with each person. The long-term nature of these relationships allows for the greatest health improvements and maintains well-being through all life stages. Dr. Sierra's focus is to use diet, herbs, supplements, natural bio-identical hormones, counseling, mindfulness, education, movement, "hands on" physical medicine, massage and lifestyle strategies in order to achieve optimal health. She prescribes pharmaceutical medication when needed, but always with the lightest of touch and with the fullest integration of natural healing approaches.

Dr. Sierra starts by acknowledging the patient’s own understanding of their condition through detailed history-taking, physical exam and objective lab results. Each person will have a completely different and individualized approach developed for them which will always embrace the patient’s own ideas, interests, intuition, budget, conditions and capabilities.

Dr. Sierra and her husband Michael Strauss co-founded the Methow Valley Wellness Center in 1997. She is a graduate of Bastyr University Medical School, a world famous institution for naturopathic medical training located in the Seattle area. Her undergraduate university training was at Brown University in Rhode Island where she earned a B.S. in biology. She moved to the Methow Valley in Eastern Washington in 1996 and enjoys a very active lifestyle with her family doing horseback riding, golfing, mountain biking, skiing and hiking. She loves animals, both wild and domesticated, and is an avid reader on the subject of the natural world.

Naturopathic physicians are fully licensed by the Washington State Department of Health.

We look forward to meeting and assisting you with your health care needs. Please email Dr. Sierra using our Contact Dr. Sierra button below. Call for urgent scheduling and inquiries at 509 996-3970 (click-to-call).

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